Mafia Wars Best Jobs

I proudly present you the answer to the question „What damn job do I have to do to get the most bang for the buck?!“

I did find other sites that contain the same or at least similar tables, but they never seem to be up-to-date or complete. So I decided to jump in and take the glory for the best up-to-date Mafia Wars tables in the world 😉

Oh, and I’d really appreciate it if you leave a comment whenever you find something amiss.
Thanks for the help!

All the figures in the tables are based upon following preconditions:

  • Mastery bonus from completing New York Underboss Job Tier which awards bonus of +5% experience points from jobs
  • Top Mastermind – 11% More Experience from Jobs
  • Top Wheelman – 11% Less Energy for Jobs
  • Top Bagman – 15% More Cash from Jobs
  • Mastery of the highest tier (means you have mastered 3 tiers for New York, Cuba, etc and 4 tiers for Bangkok)

Also note, that Mogul characters earn 40% more money on jobs than shown in the tables.

The numbers were mostly taken from http://mafiawars.wikia.com/wiki/ and they do have a lot more info about almost every aspect of the game. So make sure you check them!

New York

NameTier$ per NRGXP per NRG
Perform a HitStreet Thug6001.00
Grow Your FamilyStreet Thug3001.00
Collect Protection MoneyStreet Thug1671.00
Rob the WarehouseStreet Thug711.14
Rough Up DealersStreet Thug751.25
Rob a Drug RunnerStreet Thug671.00
Chase Away ThugsStreet Thug101.00
Auto TheftAssociate8741.33
Take Out a Rogue CopAssociate6131.00
Collect on a LoanAssociate11971.25
Bank HeistAssociate5751.88
Jewelry Store JobAssociate4421.77
Hijack a SemiAssociate4601.29
Destroy Enemy Mob HideoutSoldier14721.00
Kill a Protected SnitchSoldier16191.00
Bust a Made Man Out of PrisonSoldier17481.00
Asian Museum Break-inSoldier53671.33
Fight a Haitian GangSoldier20241.20
Clip the Irish Mob's Local EnforcerSoldier25881.63
Steal a Tanker TruckSoldier31871.29
Federal Reserve RaidEnforcer52271.59
Smuggle Thai GemsEnforcer34501.56
Liquor SmugglingEnforcer199041.58
Run Illegal Poker GameEnforcer405882.24
Wiretap the CopsEnforcer884622.00
Rob an Electronics StoreEnforcer158811.38
Burn Down a TenementEnforcer186881.56
Distill Some LiquorEnforcer01.75
Manufacture TokensEnforcer01.75
Get Cheating DeckEnforcer01.75
Overtake Phone CentralEnforcer01.75
Repel the YakuzaHitman112911.91
Disrupt Rival Smuggling RingHitman125621.77
Invade Tong-controlled NeighborhoodHitman125451.59
Sell Guns to the Russian MobHitman522731.86
Protect your City against a Rival FamilyHitman816131.87
Assassinate a Political FigureHitman927421.87
Exterminate a Rival FamilyHitman985711.91
Obtain Compromising PhotosHitman95831.54
Frame a Rival CapoHitman190001.65
Steal an Air Freight DeliveryCapo369641.50
Run a Biker Gang Out of TownCapo370971.48
Flip a SnitchCapo418181.59
Steal Bank RecordsCapo371541.62
Loot the Police Impound LotCapo282081.30
Recruit a Rival Crew MemberCapo420191.73
Dodge an FBI TailCapo568241.82
Whack a Rival Crew LeaderCapo718751.83
Influence a Harbor OfficialConsigliere757951.70
Move Stolen MerchandiseConsigliere1150001.81
Snuff a RatConsigliere914101.85
Help a Fugitive Flee the CountryConsigliere1117141.89
Dispose of a BodyConsigliere1250001.65
Ransom a Businessman's KidsConsigliere1034431.55
Fix the Big GameConsigliere1306821.57
Steal an Arms ShipmentConsigliere862501.90
Extort a Corrupt JudgeUnderboss2080951.86
Embezzle Funds Through a Phony CompanyUnderboss1097731.75
Break Into the ArmoryUnderboss914771.50
Rip Off the Armenian MobUnderboss784091.70
Muscle in on a Triad OperationUnderboss1150001.88
Ambush a Rival at a Sit DownUnderboss670831.83
Order a Hit on a Public OfficialUnderboss2411291.97
Take Over an Identity Theft RingUnderboss1725001.78
Settle a Beef... PermanentlyBoss1541671.92
Buy Off a Federal AgentBoss1503872.16
Make a Deal with the Mexican CartelBoss2466671.92
Blackmail the District AttorneyBoss2846151.90
Shake Down a City Council MemberBoss2628952.00
Make Arrangements for a Visiting DonBoss15416671.92
Take Control of a CasinoBoss2819051.92
Travel to the Old CountryBoss2992171.96


NameTier$ per NRGXP per NRG
Rob Your Cab DriverEl Soldado22.901.80
Secure A SafehouseEl Soldado21.501.75
Intimidate The LocalsEl Soldado21.001.76
Silence a Noisy NeighborEl Soldado23.711.79
Smuggle In Some SuppliesEl Soldado23.301.70
Set Up A Numbers RacketEl Soldado28.361.77
Establish Contact With The FRGEl Soldado27.321.71
Take Out The Local Police ChiefEl Soldado29.501.75
Persuade A Local To TalkEl Soldado34.691.76
Assault A Snitch's HideoutEl Soldado32.301.72
Transport A Shipment of US ArmsEl Capitan33.301.84
Meet With The FRG LeadershipEl Capitan34.411.82
Hold Up A Tour BusEl Capitan41.181.85
Ambush A Military PatrolEl Capitan39.331.84
Capture An Army OutpostEl Capitan40.521.82
Sneak A Friend Of The Family Into The CountryEl Capitan48.711.87
Ransack A Local PlantationEl Capitan45.371.84
Burn Down A HaciendaEl Capitan45.811.81
Offer "Protection" To A Nightclub El Jefe51.911.88
Rob The Banco Nacional BranchEl Jefe54.961.93
Shake Down A Hotel OwnerEl Jefe50.531.86
Bring The Local Teamsters Under Your ControlEl Jefe59.441.90
Help The FRG Steal A Truckload Of WeaponsEl Jefe55.421.89
Hijack A Booze ShipmentEl Jefe64.531.93
Pillage A ShipyardEl Jefe59.131.91
Take Over The DocksEl Jefe59.201.87
Muscle In On A Local CasinoEl Patron67.791.97
Establish A Loansharking BusinessEl Patron68.751.95
Eliminate A Rival Family's AgentEl Patron73.191.97
Pass On Some Intel To The FRGEl Patron66.001.93
Execute A Regional Arms DealerEl Patron74.071.96
Sink A Competing Smuggler's ShipEl Patron69.091.96
Gun Down An Enemy Crew At The AirportEl Patron77.701.94
Assassinate An Opposing ConsigliereEl Patron71.071.95
Raid The Arms DepotEl Padrino71.661.98
Supply The FRG With Some Extra MuscleEl Padrino72.931.98
Capture The AirportEl Padrino75.021.94
Knock Off A Visiting Head Of StateEl Padrino86.461.98
Set Up A High Volume Smuggling OperationEl Padrino109.961.98
Blow Up A Rail LineEl Padrino88.021.98
Attack The Army Command PostEl Padrino58.581.94
Storm The Presidential PalaceEl Padrino81.481.94
Arrange A New York Drug ShipmentEl Cacique92.962.00
Launder Money Through A ResortEl Cacique92.801.98
Loot The National MuseumEl Cacique82.231.93
Send Some Help Home To New YorkEl Cacique92.611.98
Take Over The Havana ReconstructionEl Cacique82.901.93
Help Get An Associate A No Bid ContractEl Cacique92.381.94
Trans-Ship A Container Full of RefugeesEl Cacique92.071.95
Meet With The RussianEl Cacique92.001.96


NameTier$ per NRGXP per NRGFaction
Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the VoryBaklany18521.78-
Arrange A Drug Shipment for the MafiyaBaklany18401.77-
Fight Off An Ultra-National GangBaklany10821.34-
Kidnap A Local Gang Leader for the VoryBaklany18461.78Vory
Kill A Local Gang Leader for the MafiyaBaklany18461.78Mafiya
Collect the RansomBaklany9151.68Vory
Receive Vory Intel On DimitriBaklany18401.80Vory
Collect the Hit PayoffBaklany9401.71Mafiya
Buy Mafiya Intel On DmitriBaklany18201.78Mafiya
Threaten A Gang's SupplierBaklany18311.80-
Hijack An Arms Shipment From A Militant GangBaklany9141.78-
Hospitalize Some NationalistsBaklany17231.69-
Bribe An Election OfficialBoets32781.78-
Silence A Political CriticBoets19451.81-
Violently Break Up A Campaign RallyBoets19531.36-
Fix A Local Election for the VoryBoets32721.83Vory
Abduct A Candidate's Wife For the MafiyaBoets32721.78Mafiya
Extract A Favor From The WinnerBoets18801.66Vory
Catch Karpov Accepting A BribeBoets32561.79Vory
Convince The Candidate to WithdrawBoets19411.74Mafiya
Kill An Investigative ReporterBoets32671.79Mafiya
Pay Off The Port Authority In ArkhangelskBoets30351.65-
Re-route An Equipment ShipmentBoets19441.73-
Circulate Damaging PhotosBoets32341.81-
Case The Rossija Banc BuildingBrigadir51141.79-
Map Out The Escape RouteBrigadir33691.76-
Rob The RossijaBanc Central RepositoryBrigadir30411.37-
Take A Guard Hostage During Your EscapeBrigadir51081.81Vory
Execute A Bank Guard During Your EscapeBrigadir51081.81Mafiya
Use the Guard's Keys To Access the Bank ArmoryBrigadir33761.75Vory
Borrow The Guard's Uniform After Releasing HimBrigadir50601.74Vory
Steal The Bank President's Car KeysBrigadir33641.75Mafiya
Strip A Uniform Off The CorpseBrigadir51021.75Mafiya
Blackmail A Secretary For An Exec's ItineraryBrigadir50651.75-
Dispose Of A RossijaBanc Exec At SeaBrigadir33681.73-
Replace a Guard With Your Own ManBrigadir50401.83-
Manage An Escort Service Catering to SoldiersAvtoritet72941.80-
Support The Habit of A Procurement OfficerAvtoritet51801.78-
Ransack A Defense Contractor's OfficeAvtoritet43471.39-
Fly To The Siberian Military DistrictAvtoritet72371.78Vory
Travel to The Volga Miltary DistrictAvtoritet72371.78Mafiya
Rob A Troop ConvoyAvtoritet51751.73Vory
Intercept The Base's Pay ShipmentAvtoritet72711.78Vory
Arrange The Sale of Weapons-Grade ExplosivesAvtoritet52131.75Mafiya
Capitalize On An Officer's Gambling ProblemAvtoritet72531.78Mafiya
Make Connections With An Arms DealerAvtoritet72671.79-
Transport Some Stolen Military HardwareAvtoritet51801.73-
Buy Off the General's Command TeamAvtoritet72521.83-
Stop A Terrorist Attack In MoscowVor98431.80-
Discover Who Was ResponsibleVor73891.80-
Hunt Down A Ural Liberation Front ContactVor59031.40-
Infiltrate The ULF CellVor98611.79Vory
Discover The Location Of The Next ULF AttackVor98611.79Mafiya
Help Plan The Next AttackVor74131.74Vory
Sabotage The Plan From The InsideVor98231.80Vory
Kill A LookoutVor74251.75Mafiya
Stop The ULF AttackVor98701.80Mafiya
Torture A ULF LieutenantVor98941.79-
Look For The Boss' Mountain HideoutVor73741.74-
Start An Avalanche Above The Terrorist CampVor98241.84-
Foil The Sabotage Of Your Moscow HoldingsPakhan143001.82-
Acquire Classified Files On Crime SyndicatesPakhan114321.81-
Gun Down Some Russian MusclePakhan85611.42-
Attack A Mafiya BusinessPakhan142181.80Vory
Burn Down A Vory SafehousePakhan142181.80Mafiya
Hijack a Mafiya CargoPakhan113961.75Vory
Threaten a Mafiya Moneyman's FamilyPakhan142171.81Vory
Hit a Vory NightclubPakhan114631.76Mafiya
Break Into An Architect's OfficePakhan108851.81Mafiya
Take Over A West-Bound Trafficking PipelinePakhan142821.82-
Ship Black-Market Caviar To LondonPakhan114581.81-
Assault the Mansion WallsPakhan142921.88-


For the Bangkok Jobs I assumed mastery on tier 4. This means that the actual numbers may be different if you haven’t mastered the previous tiers.
NameTier$ per NRGXP per NRGFaction
Take On Local Motorcycle ThugsBrawler15.191.49-
Show A Cocky Biker Who's In ChargeBrawler15.391.80-
Move Stolen Art Through Suvarnabhumi AirportBrawler15.141.73-
Meet A Gang's Rep In A Go-Go BarBrawler15.171.69-
Torch A Building For InsuranceBrawler15.221.74Yakuza
Arrange An Accident For A WitnessBrawler15.141.73Yakuza
Raid One Of Suchart's Gambling DensBrawler15.221.74Triad
Trash The Low-Rent CasinoBrawler15.191.67Triad
Intercept An Ammo ShipmentBrawler15.171.69-
Deliver It To A Japanese Front CompanyBrawler15.21.53Yakuza
Pay Off A Corrupt Police OfficerBrawler01.88Yakuza
Sneak It On To A Chinese Cargo ShipBrawler15.191.67Triad
Bribe A Dock GuardBrawler01.80Triad
Blow Up Suchart's WarehouseBrawler15.121.75-
Attack A Paramilitary Police PostCriminal21.851.55-
Receive A Kickback From The BuyerCriminal21.991.75-
Force A Local Landowner To SellCriminal21.981.77-
Resell The Stolen SuppliesCriminal21.981.77Yakuza
Re-Route A Van Full Of Medical SuppliesCriminal21.981.77Yakuza
Set Up A Phony BusinessCriminal21.951.80-
Set Up A Bogus Chess TournamentCriminal21.941.71Triad
Rob The Chess MastersCriminal21.91.72Triad
Help Rub Out A Bosozoku LeaderCriminal21.951.80Triad
Break A Triad Hitman OutCriminal21.941.71Triad
Pay Off The Guards At Bangkwang PrisonCriminal01.75-
Sneak A Yakuza Enforcer InCriminal21.91.72Yakuza
Help Stage An Accident For A Tong InmateCriminal21.881.75Yakuza
Expose A Crooked Royal Thai Police OfficerCriminal21.881.75-
Take Down A Rival Pirate OutfitPirate28.641.62-
Hire An Unsavory CrewPirate28.651.76-
Secure A Pirate VesselPirate28.731.80-
Return With A Shipment Of WeaponsPirate28.761.79Triad
Ship The Cargo To JakartaPirate28.761.79Triad
Truck The Cargo To Kuala LumpurPirate28.571.80Yakuza
Smuggle Cigarettes Back Into ThailandPirate28.571.80Yakuza
Hijack A Boat Load Of ElectronicsPirate28.651.76-
Hire Divers To Retrieve The Gold BarsPirate28.761.79Yakuza
Sink A Chinese Metals FreighterPirate28.771.87Yakuza
Steal Shipping ManifestsPirate28.731.80-
Steal Japanese Auto Shipping ContainersPirate28.81.84Triad
Offload The Cars Onto A Waiting BargePirate28.571.80Triad
Sink A Fleet VesselPirate28.641.83-
Ambush A Burmese Army ConvoyCommandant35.321.66-
Make Contact With The United Wa State ArmyCommandant35.491.85-
Buy Some Chemicals On The Black MarketCommandant35.291.85-
Ship The Yaa Baa Payment To PhuketCommandant35.551.91Triad
Set Up The Import Of Illegal Chinese ArmsCommandant35.571.88Triad
Set Up An Opium ShipmentCommandant35.361.81Yakuza
Arrange To Process It In BangkokCommandant35.381.87Yakuza
Establish Contact With A CIA AgentCommandant35.471.87-
Make Off With Stolen Military HardwareCommandant35.531.94Triad
Eliminate An Insurgent EscortCommandant35.551.91Triad
Pass On Information To The Thai PoliceCommandant35.421.90Yakuza
Steal A Seized Drug ShipmentCommandant35.571.88Yakuza
Betray Commander Chang and the UWSACommandant35.491.85-
Attack Chang's Heroin-Processing FacilityCommandant35.421.91-
Fight Off A Minato-Kai Sponsored HitOyabun48.721.69-
Smuggle The Sapphires Into TokyoOyabun49.021.99-
Ship Burmese Sapphires Into ThailandOyabun48.781.93-
Take A Piece Of The Kabukicho ActionOyabun48.741.95Yakuza
Help Broker A Minato-Matsumura PeaceOyabun48.741.95Yakuza
Meet With Boss Matsumura's AdvisorOyabun49.051.96-
Assassinate The Minato-Kai Family HeadOyabun48.781.93Triad
Frame An Enemy For The MurderOyabun48.811.91Triad
Start A War Between Matsumura and MinatoOyabun48.921.93Triad
Spread Distrust Among The Yakuza FamiliesOyabun48.811.91Triad
Gather More Evidence Of A BetrayalOyabun48.851.96Yakuza
Get The Support Of The Yakuza FamilyOyabun48.891.95Yakuza
Talk With A Police Insider About MatsumuraOyabun01.96-
Remove Matsumura's Loyal LieutenantsOyabun48.751.92-
Win A Shoot-Out With The Kowloon PoliceDragon Head48.721.69-
Dodge Customs At The Port of Hong KongDragon Head01.93-
Set Up A Drug Shipment To ChinaDragon Head49.051.96-
Fence The Goods Stolen From The MansionDragon Head48.741.95Yakuza
Make An Example Of A Wealthy IndustrialistDragon Head48.781.93Yakuza
Intimidate Wealthy ExpatriatesDragon Head48.781.93-
Extort The Head Of The Hong Kong Polo ClubDragon Head61.021.91Triad
Fix The Hong Kong Polo InvitationalDragon Head48.781.93Triad
Break In To Cheng-Wei BallisticsDragon Head48.811.91Yakuza
Sneak An Industrial Spy Into Hong KongDragon Head48.781.93Yakuza
Kidnap One Of Wei's Trusted AdvisorsDragon Head49.121.90Triad
Bury The Body Under A Construction SiteDragon Head48.741.95Triad
Talk With Wei's Disloyal EnforcersDragon Head48.851.96-
Attack Wei's Gambling HallsDragon Head48.781.96-
Shore Up Control Of Your New TerritorySaboteur52.982.05-
Spread The Wealth To Your New LieutenantsSaboteur02.02-
Eliminate The Last Traces Of ResistanceSaboteur54.541.79-
Get A Gang Member Back Into ThailandSaboteur52.742.02-
Break Into A Goverment Research FacilitySaboteur53.621.87Yakuza
Steal An Experimental Armor PrototypeSaboteur41.561.91Yakuza
Kidnap A Trade Consortium LeaderSaboteur52.912.00Triad
Extort The Consortium's Remaining OfficersSaboteur43.832.02Triad
Undermine Nongchai's SupportSaboteur53.741.93-
Acquire Information On A Government SupporterSaboteur01.96Yakuza
Assassinate A Bangkok Council MemberSaboteur42.271.91Yakuza
Bribe A Royal Thai Army ColonelSaboteur01.95Triad
Route A Drug Shipment Through An Army PostSaboteur41.491.93Triad
Infiltrate The Parliament HouseSaboteur52.211.96-
Consolidate Political Power In BangkokAssassin59.72.06-
Take Over The Royal Bank Of ThailandAssassin49.251.94-
Foil An Attempt On Your LifeAssassin641.78-
Question The Surviving AssassinAssassin51.71.97-
Gather Information On The Shadow KingAssassin63.592.07-
Eliminate A Spy For The Shadow KingAssassin53.541.99-
Hire A Guide To Find The Temple of ShadowsAssassin02.02-
Fight Off A Hill Tribe Loyal To The Shadow KingAssassin53.752.03-
Silence A Shadow Kingdom PatrolAssassin63.992.08-
Battle Your Way Through The TempleAssassin62.482.12-

Las Vegas

These numbers are based on the ruby tier. Interesting is that the money per NRG ratio is decreasing for each tier. The best XP per NRG ratio ist mostly achieved in the gold tier.
NameTier$ per NRGXP per NRG$ per STAXP per STA
Move Your Crew Into A SafehouseNorth Las Vegas51.141.49--
Blackmail A Car DealerNorth Las Vegas50.631.48--
Steal A Truckload Of SlotsNorth Las Vegas51.731.51--
Secure Some WheelsNorth Las Vegas62.961.76--
Roll A Bingo ParlorNorth Las Vegas--77.093751.78
Break Into A Gun ShopNorth Las Vegas56.481.65--
Scout Out Alphabet CityNorth Las Vegas56.981.67--
Open Fire On Victor's CrewNorth Las Vegas51.041.49--
Defeat Victor Lil' Loco AlvesNorth Las Vegas--1501.50
Help A Bookie Out Of A JamParadise City48.961.58--
Win An Underground FightParadise City--681.79
Clip A Petty ThugParadise City--681.78
Fix A Boxing MatchParadise City52.061.68--
Clean Up At A Rigged TableParadise City54.931.72--
Recruit A Table Game DealerParadise City50.501.64--
Strong-Arm A Limo CompanyParadise City49.951.62--
Shut Down An Uncooperative ClubParadise City51.691.68--
Hit Up A NightclubParadise City52.881.72--
Defeat Jimmy 'Big Time' MancusoParadise City--9604.70
Buy Some Black-Market InfoThe Lower Strip68.661.70--
Do Some Late Night ShoppingThe Lower Strip75.941.78--
Open Fire On A Rival OutfitThe Lower Strip--871.86
Run A Visiting Gang Boss OutThe Lower Strip--891.90
Steal An SUVThe Lower Strip69.731.72--
Rob A Gem BrokerThe Lower Strip70.441.74--
Convince A Restaurateur To Leave TownThe Lower Strip65.511.62--
Arrange A Hardware DeliveryThe Lower Strip69.861.72--
Break Into A Luxury SuiteThe Lower Strip71.211.76--
Defeat Juliana "Black Widow" TriesteThe Lower Strip--255013.00
Bribe A Casino Pit BossShogun Casino0.001.79--
Steal A Valet's UniformShogun Casino104.521.92--
Take Out An Armed Casino GuardShogun Casino--1011.85
Swipe A Security KeycardShogun Casino80.271.67--
Create A Distraction On The FloorShogun Casino85.621.79--
Hack The Casino Security SystemShogun Casino97.241.92--
Break Into The VaultShogun Casino84.601.76--
Get To An ExitShogun Casino84.371.76--
Hijack A Poker Table DeliveryShogun Casino79.241.66--
Defeat Roger Bidwell, Chief of SecurityShogun Casino--412025.55
Move The Take Out Of TownMojave Desert115.071.96--
Fight Off A Hijack CrewMojave Desert--1402.09
Clean Out A Biker BarMojave Desert--1462.17
Run A Highway Patrol BlockadeMojave Desert116.301.81--
Stash The TakeMojave Desert116.751.99--
Buy Off A Crooked Border AgentMojave Desert0.002.00--
Arrange A Cartel SaleMojave Desert124.651.98--
Create A DiversionMojave Desert113.591.94--
Dispose Of The EvidenceMojave Desert125.842.03--
Defeat 'Red' JacksonMojave Desert--615436.90
Rescue A HotelierMojave Desert115.601.80--