Kleine Anfrage zu Bränden der 2012er Zeros bei der Hong Kong Polizei

Es gab vor einigen Jahren einen Brand von E-Motorrädern bei der Polizei in Hong Kong. Ich habe nachgehakt was die Ursache war…

Es gab vor einigen Jahren einen Brand bei der Polizei in Hong Kong. Die verwenden dort seit langer Zeit die Elektromotorräder von Zero.

Leider wurde nur über den Brand berichtet, aber nicht mehr über die Ursachen und darüber wie die Polizei mit dem Zwischenfall umgegangen ist.

Also bin ich journalistisch tätig geworden und habe meine eigene kleine Anfrage gestellt:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in an update to the incident that happened in July 2016 when several Zero Motorcycles of the HK Police caught fire.
The incident was (among others) reported by the South China Morning Post:


1. What was the root cause of the fire?
1a) Was it a technical problem or was the fire caused by human error?
1b) Was the cause of the fire the motorcycle(s) or the electrical
installation (of the building)?

2. Is the Hong Kong Police using Zero Motorcycles at the moment?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Christian Jog

Nach kurzer Zeit kam dann auch die offizielle Antwort:

Please accept my apologize for the late reply for your enquiry.  Please
find the below reply for your enquiries :

1) The fire was caused by the vehicle’s battery cell internal short circuit
due to cell decay;

2) It is purely a technical problem and not caused by any human error;

3) The cause of fire was identified from the battery installed in the
motorcycle; and not from the electrical installation of the building;

4) Other Zero motorcycles have been checked correct and are currently used
by the Force

Should you have any further police related enquiries, please contact us.


Police Public Relations Branch
Hong Kong Police Force